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Email Marketing 101 - Building Your Contact List

If you're building a WordPress website or a WooCommerce store chances are you're an early life cycle business (just starting). When someone is just getting started or early in their business life cycle, they often don't have the very thing that they need for successful email marketing - a big contact list.

At Creative Mail, we found that the number one thing you can do to enable contact list growth off of your website is to install a Newsletter Sign up form or Contact Form. That way, when people visit your site they can be prompted to provide an “opt-in” email address and receive your content and special marketing offers.

Creative mail is also unique in the fact that it offers this functionality in a native Jetpack form.

So, before you do anything else for email marketing success, make sure you add a Newsletter Sign-up form on your website. That way your website can start building a marketing list for you. Creative Mail (with your permission) automatically syncs those contacts to your email marketing list so while you do your regular business.

Easier WordPress Email Marketing

Our intelligent (and super fun) email editor simplifies email creation and pulls your WordPress blog posts, website images and WooCommerce products right into your email content. Leads from your WordPress website, ecommerce store and contact forms are automatically captured and routed into our included Contacts CRM and synced with your email marketing lists.

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