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Email Marketing In A Covid-19 World

I was recently listening to a senior leader from one of the world's largest credit card companies discuss his sales results. He made the statement that in 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic that the world experienced, accelerated e-commerce interactions and purchases by 3-5 years over the pace we had experienced. Additionally, major retailers like Amazon, Walmart and Target have recently seen over 100% increases in their quarter over quarter online sales.

As you think about those statistics from your business perspective, it's important to consider how you are positioned for engaging with your customers and keep them returning. For many, the luxury of new customers walking into your business is no longer as guaranteed as it might have seemed several years ago. So you're going to need to get better at capturing customer information and appropriately re-engaging them with automated email marketing efforts. To many, that can seem like a  difficult task.

We built Creative Mail to be incredibly simple to use. We have an AI driven email editor that automatically suggests emails you can use to engage your users. We'll even pull in blog posts, products and more from your WordPress website and store that you can share with your customers. Over the coming days we will continue to introduce new customer lifecycle marketing journeys that will re-engage your customers so you don't need to. Then when they're ready to buy, you will be better positioned to capture their business.

Easier WordPress Email Marketing

Our intelligent (and super fun) email editor simplifies email creation and pulls your WordPress blog posts, website images and WooCommerce products right into your email content. Leads from your WordPress website, ecommerce store and contact forms are automatically captured and routed into our included Contacts CRM and synced with your email marketing lists.

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