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Why Not Leverage Humor In Email Marketing

If you haven't noticed lately, today’s news can be polarizing or well... downright sad. Most of the content people are receiving into their phones and minds has a “weightiness to it”. As you think about marketing your business you may want to take a different approach says Magda Kay, when she quotes philosopher Dan Bennett who said that people really like things that are “Cute, sweet, sexy or funny”. When I think about the things that interest me, I agree most of them fall into that category, and that may be a real key to improving your email marketing.

Most of the things that I allow to capture my attention tend to fall into the humor category. Some of you may remember the first time you saw the Dollar Shave Club video or the humor that was involved in revitalizing the Old Spice brand to the tune of a 107%+ sales uplift. I certainly do, and there are plenty of other examples you can think of around engaging people in ways that cut through today’s content clutter.

And that's an important thing to remember. People typically won't let you in to capture their attention, unless you do cut through their mental clutter. So as you create marketing for your business, you may want to think about leveraging ways that can allow you to do just that; and humor is a great way to do it.

But if you don’t have that comedic view on the world, no problem. There are also other things you can do.

Think “sexy food”. If you're a restaurant and you can create beautiful food, sending a beautiful  dessert or cocktail image every month to your client base can be incredibly powerful. If you work with children or small animals what could be more fun and engaging than sharing cute videos or images of them?

So whether you have a lawn service or auto repair shop, try to consider these four triggers:  funny, sweet, sexy, and cute in your marketing. They can be important tools to help you get to your customer base and define yourself as a unique proprietor - someone  with whom they want to do business.

Psychology from Marketers by Magda Kay:


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